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A day visit to Srikalahasthi from Chennai PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

After some surfing on internet and discussions within my friends circle, I decided to take on the route to Srikalahasthi via Tada. Note, there are other couple of ways to Srikalahasthi from Chennai. I opted the route via Tada for the distance is less and also till Tada we can enjoy the four-lane road.

We (5 members) started from Shollinganallur, Chennai-119 around 7:00 Hrs IST 24-Dec-2010 on our new ford figo. We reached Srikalahasthi around 10:30 Hrs IST. In-between we had a break of around 40 Mins for our break-fast. Since the route is new to us, we thought it would be very hard locating hotels. So we carried the breakfast made home from Chennai.

We were there inside the temple for around three hours. We did the Rahu And Ketu pooja during the Rahu Kalam (which is considered auspicious). For doing this pooja, we took a ticket for Rs. 1000 at the entrance of the temple. On purchasing the ticket, we were given the bags with materials to perform pooja. For Rs.1000, at max two persons can do a pooja. At the end of the pooja, we were asked to pay Rs. 101 as dakshana.

It is around 13:30 Hrs, when we came out of the temple. And it is time for the lunch. We had lunch in a hotel opposite to the temple (i hope the hotel named saravana bhavan). We had meals and that is quite good.

We started our return journey by 14:30 Hrs. The same route via Tada. We reached Shollinganallur, Chennai-119 by 18:00 Hrs.

Distance metrics

The distance metrics mentioned below are based on my car's (ford figo) odometer.

  • Chennai (Koyembedu) to Srikalahasthi via Tada = 116 Kms
    1. Chennai (Koyembedu) to Tada = 68 Kms
    2. Tada to Srikalahasthi       = 48 Kms

Note: As we started from Shollinganallur (Chennai-119), we had to include the distance of 28 Kms between Shollinganallur and Koyembedu.

Direction to Srikalahasthi from Chennai (Koyembedu)

  • From Chennai (Koyembedu) get on the Jawaharlal Nehru road. Travel towards north, crossing the Poonamalle High road.
  • After a 10 Km drive from Koyembedu on the Jawaharlal Nehru road, turn left to get on the NH5 road. This is the road that will take you to Tada. This is a four-lane road. You will find a toll-gate after a 10 Km drive from the point where you get on NH5 road.
  • After a 48 Km drive from the toll-gate, you will enter Tada from where you need to take a left turn to Srikalahasthi.
  • After a 48 Km drive from Tada, you will enter Srikalahasthi

Note: The distance in Kms I have mentioned are based on the odometer of my car (ford figo). Actual figure may vary.

Points to take care on road

  • Beware of the lorry traffic on the Chennai-to-Tada four-lane road. You may often encounter lorries coming opposite on your lane.
  • Beware of the speed breakers on the Tada-to-Srikalahasthi road. Though the road is good, the speed breakers on this road are sure to pamper your car if not proper care is taken. I used ford figo. And I was very serious on caring the speed breakers. Inspite of that, my car got the beat on couple of spead breakers. The following pictures would give a better view:


  • Toll for the NH5 road to Tada. There is a toll-gate at 20 Kms from Koyembedu on the way to Tada. My ford figo is charged with Rs 32 for a single journey.
  • Toll for the road to the entrance of Srikalahasthi temple. My ford figo is charged with Rs 40 for the same.