The thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude.
Career@acmet (Jul04 to Mar10)

acmet is an embedded software company. At acmet, for ~1year I was in testing of compiler for 8 bit RISC microcontroller. For ~2years, I was in Backend (ILP, PHO) development (programming language C) and maintenance of 16 bit DSP compiler. For ~1year, I was in development (programming language C++) of assembly translator (one CISC assembly to other CISC assembly). And for ~1year, I was in porting of GCC to a VLIW like DSP architecture.

Jul04 to Aug04 (Training)

acmet provided the much needed training for a software professional. The trainers were expert on framing the training stuffs for someone who is just out of college.

I was made to read the book "Introduction to the Personal Software Process" by Watts S. Humphrey. The book is all about managing our time, managing schedules, managing commitments, project plans and software development process.

May05 to Sep07 (16 bit DSP compiler)

I was assigned to back-end development of a DSP C compiler for 16 bit DSP architecture. My responsibilities were to contribute in development, testiing and maintanence.

I implemented Pipeline hazards optimization (PHO) module, interface between Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP) and Pipeline hazards optimization (PHO), Multiplication and Accumulation (MAC) module. I parallely did the study on unit testing framework CUNIT.

Apr09 to Mar10 (GCC Porting)

I started to port GCC for a 32 bit CISC architecture. I successfully ported GCC to support the transfer instructions of the 32 bit CISC architecture. I used the incremental approach suggested by IIT Bombay.

In the first increment, I made the GCC to recognize the new target. In the second increment, I ported GCC to successfully compile an empty void function. I.e. Updated the macros that need to be filled with appropriate values for successfully compiling an empty void function.


1. I consider the remark by one of our customers on our work as one of the best recognitions received.

2. "Excellent role model" by Mr. R.M.Nair, Vice-president, Programming Tools Business Unit, ACME Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida - 201301. Dated 16-May-2008.

3. Recognition and appreciation from acmet.

Sep04 to Apr05 (8 bit RISC compiler)

I was assigned to the project of building compiler for a 8 bit RISC architecture. My role was tester. My responsibilities were to write the test specification, write black box tests, run the black tests, identify defects and report it into defect tracking system. Also we were given the responsibility of reviewing the design specification and running regression tests.

I wrote test specifications, derived minimized decision tables for test specifications.

Oct07 to Mar09 (Assembly translator)

We were introduced into a new project "assembly translator". The concept is new for us. Given the assembly of five different architectures as input, we need to produce the assembly of a new architecture as output.

The customer initially asked for a prototype of the assembly translator. The prototype would convert the assembly of two different architectures to the assembly of a new architecture.

My Achievements

1. Black box tested optimization pragma implemented for 8 bit RISC architecture with 100% test coverage. Post-release, no defect was reported on the same.

2. Implemented pipeline hazards optimization for 16 bit DSP compiler. Customer changed the pipeline hazards specification after the implementation. But the change was incorporated into the implementation without any design change. Such was the design made initially.