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TIG - A tool that makes you humble PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

TIG is a tool that would help you in being humble. For one, his behaviour is the reflection of his ego.

Ego develops into one, as the thought of superiority grows inside him. When superiority grows inside one? Superiority grows, as one starts to think that whatever he achieves is only because of him. I.e. He own the sole credits for what he achieved/earned. And there-by not acknowledging the factors that influenced his success. Such a behavior would certainly raise the superiority in him.

Superiority heightens the ego. I.e. Superiority is directly proportional to ego. And since ego is indirectly proportional to humbleness, it makes an individual arrogant.

So for one, who is arrogant as such, to be humble, can use the tool TIG. TIG expands to Trust In God. This tool educates that there is an external power/force which is the most superior of all. This education would reduce the thought of superiority (and hence ego) in oneself, which in-turn make him humble.