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Birth redefined PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

We say birth for a human when he/she comes into the world as a child. But the question is, do a human born right at that time. Yes, the answer is no :). Human born only when he/she gets the maturity to understand the world, love neighbors, acknowledge neighbors, grateful to neighbors.

Today people are concerned only about themselves. They do things only that matters for them. That too, they don't consider or even have the courtesy to others who get affected/bothered by their deeds to get their things done.

The worse is, if they find the things matter them would benefit the neighbors then they keep themselves from doing that. They feel they could adjust without it but the neighbors should not get benefited from them.

Also many are not grateful to neighbors for they benefited from them. Blame neighbors for their failure in life.

Let us get into the world as humans.