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Love thy neighbour - way to see god PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

I could see some people worship the god for the sake of (only) themselves. For they want to lead a happy and content life. Don't bother about others. Just for them and their family should be content.

I see such people don't bother/respect thy neighbor. They are not ready to talk, adjust or love thy neighbors. They even sans to bother about the surroundings for keep it neat and tidy. But these people put more effort on looting (worship) the god for their sake.

But the interesting fact is they would not refuse to get the benefits from thy neighbors. Also I see these people are not even ashamed of benefiting from others for whom they don't show any concern over them.

Here arises questions such as, if these so called pious people are not even able to respect thy neighbors how could their worship be valued. Their worship is just a loot to pacify the god for keeping them and their family content. I don't find any difference between these pious people and those who rob money and put a part of it in temple hundi.