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Anger - how to deal with it PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

Anger is an emotion that all humans have. No-one can raise their hands for they don't possess it. Of-course many psycologists say anger has functional value for survival.

But anger as an emotion may affect personal or social relationship. Yes, someone's action may bring back our reaction in anger. Such reactions may affect our relationship with those persons. Sometime it draws the conclusion of ending the relationship with those persons.

As we know, it is very difficult to build a relationship. Breaking/hurting such built relationship within minutes is too hard to digest. So how to save the relationship during such scenarios?

We could not control anger in most cases. The crack on the wall of relationship develops at the time of emotion 'anger'. This is because at the time of anger we most probably think about the other person on negative shade. And even whatever good he/she did/does/will-do for us, we might be seeing him with negative perspective. This builds the enmity.

So the simple thing what we can do is, while we are angry with someone forget them for a while. 'A while' could be the time until we are out of the emotion 'anger'. In simple words we can say "don't take any decision at any emotion".