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Written by Chandra Kumar R   

2012 - name of a movie released in November-2009. The movie is based on the 2012 phenomenon.

High concentration of neutrinos from the solar flares increase the temperature of the earth's core rapidly causing the crustal displacement. As a result, there are massive earthquakes, megatsunami all over the world. And the movie centers on how some people (from all over the world) manage to escape from this natural disaster.

The movie did make us to think how far technology has gone. The movie provides a great visual treat and brings us to edge of the seat. A must see movie.

Also it was interesting to see the audiences going crazy over a scene which highlights that it is an Indian scientist who found and warned about this disaster first to the world.

There is a scene in which the president of united states says that the people should be made aware of the disaster to happen. They should know all we have is few minutes of life. And that will provide them the time to show their love for others, re-unite broken hearts, say sorry to their fellow people for bad encounters and so on.

Post the movie, I was thinking about this particular scene. I wish for such a time in which people would show their love for fellow human-being. And if it is to come only in such a scenario, then I wish such a disaster to happen.

We are not aware of what the worst is happening among us. If it is crust for earth, it is attitude for human beings. Both brings worst for they go wrong. We don't know about when, how the former would go wrong as it is not in our hands. But the latter is in our hands and it is already heading towards the wrong side.

Today, even we are not willing to provide/allow what our fellow human-beings are deserved to have/possess. A simple example - traffic signals. We are not willing to allow the other side of the traffic to use their turn. The most time we think is 'I'. 'I' ALONE should keep going.

The other concern is the life of people across the world is not balanced. At one side, people are spending lavishly for one time food. Whereas on the other side there are people who cannot make it once a day. The point is, the percentage of former is very very less compared to the percentage of latter. As said in one movie "Rich gets richer, poor gets poorer".

Also mostly we talk about - the growth percentage of wealth of Bill gates, Ambani, Ratan Tata and a few to name. What is the growth percentage of number of Bill gates, Ambanis and Ratan Tatas?