The thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude.

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  • Travelling

    I have great interest in travelling a lot. I have toured to quite some extent in north India and south India. Also I have great interest in Wildlife Sanctuaries. I have toured a couple of Wildlife Sanctuaries. On average, I wish to have at-least two tours per year.

    Though toured many places over the years, very lately I started to write travelogues. Refer the menus on the left side for the travelogues I have written.

  • Cooking

    I have interest in cooking. I have shown interest on this right from my school days. During those days I was doing something unusual, mixing this and that to dish out new varieties.

  • Photography

    I have some interest in photography. May be because I own a digital camera (nikon P80). :-)

  • Reading Books

    I have developed interest in reading books. I read story, management, and technical books. Here I have briefed on some of the books I read.