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My Career -

My career started with acmet (ACME Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). I got into acmet through campus recruitment. I was with acmet till Mar-2010. After that, I got into AMI India as Technologist. I was with AMI India till Jul-2011. And now from then, I am with SRIB (Samsung Research India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.) as Chief Engineer. So as of now, I have an experience of more than 12 years in software tools for embedded systems.

  • Career@acmet (Jul04 to Mar10)

    acmet is an embedded software company. At acmet, for ~1year I was in testing of compiler for 8 bit RISC microcontroller. For ~2years, I was in Backend (ILP, PHO) development (programming language C) and maintenance of 16 bit DSP compiler. For ~1year, I was in development (programming language C++) of assembly translator (one CISC assembly to other CISC assembly). And for ~1year, I was in porting of GCC to a VLIW like DSP architecture.

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  • Career@amiindia (Apr10 to Jul11)

    AMI (American Megatrends Inc.) is a products and services company. AMI is well known for AMIBIOS. AMI India is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMI USA. At AMI India, I was with the embedded services division as Technologist. I was involved in the porting of GNU tool chains (gcc, binutils, and glibc) for RISC processors.

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  • Career@SRIB (Jul11 to till-now)

    SRIB (Samsung Research India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the eleven Research & Development centers of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. At SRIB, I am with the R&D division as Chief Engineer. I am involved in the development of system tools (debugger, profiler, IDE) for its Re-configurable Processor (SRP). Also I am involved in developing a Visualizer for Samsung Convolutional Deep learning Neural Network Model.

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