The thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude.

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Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect

  • Better than real
    A still life painting was supposed to capture a moment in time, something that we’d photograph if only the camera had been invented. And a sauna was a nordic way to simulate a warm afternoon at the beach. But an artistic photograph isn’t supposed to simply be a snapshot. It has to add more than […]

  • The Dolittle effect
    Why is the new Dolittle movie so bad? Savaged by critics and viewers, it had: One of the most bankable movie stars in the world A story that had previously been the basis of two hit movies The best CGI houses in the world Unlimited time and money I think the best way to understand […]

  • Long-term vs short-term
    There’s always someone who is more willing to play the short-term game than you are. Someone who is willing to cut more corners, send a more urgent text, borrow against the future, ignore the side effects, abuse trust and corrupt the system–somehow justifying that short-term hustle with a rationalization (usually a selfish one) about how […]

  • Confusing hunger and thirst
    If you find yourself stranded in the desert with nothing but an endless supply of chips, you’re going to die within a week. The same thing could happen to you if you had nothing but water to live on–it would take longer but be just as fatal. Hunger and thirst are similar, easily confused but […]

  • Interaction debt
    When a company is young, with few products and fewer customers, the phone doesn’t ring and customer service is a lonely job. As more customers arrive, each one is made a promise: we’ll be here when you need us. Add more products, and each one carries an interaction load as well. Add shareholders, partners and […]

  • Fixing your email promo folder
    Your promo folder is broken, and our fix for it is a bit stuck. If you use Gmail, you probably have thousands of emails in your promo folder. A quick look will show you that there are dozens of emails moved there by Google that you probably wish you had seen. In the last week, […]

  • The perfect argument
    Every political structure, every organization, every relationship has at least one. The topic, that once you bring it up, must be addressed. An argument so existential that it cannot be left alone. An argument that gets to the crux of the matter, one that’s so fraught everything else pales in comparison. I can’t even type […]

  • Compromise
    People talk about compromising like it’s a bad thing. But we’re always doing it. Even the most ardent vegan is killing tiny creatures in a glass of water. There’s no economy on earth that is completely unregulated, nor is there one that’s completely state-controlled. We’re never completely at an edge. We can’t be. So now, […]

  • The dominant media narrative of the day
    The thing the media is talking about, in heavy rotation. The breaking news, the one you’re required to give an opinion on. The thing is, if it’s not for you, about you, or something you need to engage in, then who put it on your agenda? The media benefits from turning you into their product, […]

  • Look in the obvious places first
    That makes sense, because the obvious solution is obvious because we’ve learned how to solve problems like these. Your car keys are probably on your dresser, not in Santa Fe. Here’s the thing: if the problem is a longstanding one, if it hasn’t been solved in a while, then the places you think are obvious […]