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Thoughts and learnings (Management)

Constructive comments in Peer Reviews PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

Peer review is one of the important process for development of any product. It aids in maintaining the quality of a product at any given time of its development. Hence it is vital at every stage of the development.

Peer review verifies what is-to-be/is done and how it is-to-be/is done, verifies the understanding of the developer and educates the reviewer. Peer review would be fruitful only if it is done understanding it's purpose. The understanding should be with both those who sends artifacts for review and those who reviews it.

Measuring sticks for retention of talented workforce PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

For an organization to be successful, it is important to retain its talented workforce. Each organization would have made a huge investment in developing the talented workforce. And to reap the gains for the investment it made, first it is important to know how to retain their talented workforce.

For the organizations to do so, it should address the QWL (Quality of Work Life) of the workforce. The following plays the part in the QWL of the workforce:


Winners see objective, losers see obstacles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

As per the saying of Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam Self-Learning is the pre-requisite of great undertakings. One should emphasize greatly on the way he/she conceive and conclude things. Learning is an arrow and its target is knowledge. So the way it is carried out holds the key. This key not only opens the door of knowledge, but also of success. Carrying out as such is not a simple phrase; it needs a ton of homework to balance the weight. Planning, preparation and peddling the preparation, peels the hurdles in search of knowledge.

Planning needs a great contemplation on the destination or goals.

Right mix of individual talents - Team PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chandra Kumar R   

A team is to put use the diverse talent for achieving a synergistic effect. The 'diverse talent' of a team here means the right mix of individual talents.

Creativity, drive, coordination and analytical abilities are the individual talents that should have the right proportion for a team.

People with creativity identifies new opportunities and makes best use of them. Also they encourage other people to imagine and produce new ideas.