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Tester Tested !
Pradeep Soundararajan's Software Testing Zen

  • That's all folks!
    I have decided to end this blog. There is no emotion or event behind this decision. I have to move on and I am moving on. I have had a great time writing for myself and to you through this blog. I am not bringing it down so whatever I have posted will stay. I am not adding anything more here either.      That's all folks!

  • A question on exploratory testing from Quora
    How exploratory testing differs with other testing? What is the common problems faced by a tester when performing exploratory testing? ....  And my answer: You can cook pizza by following instructions or trying it out on your own. When you try it out on your own, you learn a lot more than merely following instructions. You don't get pizza a couple of times but once you get it, you would have

  • Misfits of the software world
    I just turned in notice rather than watch the exploratory test job I love turn into writing test cases to reassure PMs that things "work." — Natalie Bennett (@bennett_nj) May 6, 2014 Natalie isn't just talking about exploratory testing, she is talking about value. However, the value she is talking and what the PMs want seem to be different. I know there are people like her across the globe.

  • PerScholas, Keith Klain, Doran Jones and how this industry is changing
    I hadn't heard about PerScholas till 2013. I guess Keith Klain introduced PerScholas to the testing world through his leadership activities during his awesome stint in Barclays. The idea was definitely exciting but it needed more than an idea. Every idea needs awesome people to execute.  I don't exactly know how Keith Klain found Doran Jones Inc to join as its COO but it was the best thing to

  • Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing - 4
    The BWST is back. There was a gap of 3 years after BWST 3 to get to 4. All because I was doing things that took my time away from community activities to build Moolya. Moolya and I are doing great enough for me to resume my community activities. So, as BWST is back so is Pradeep back to the Indian software testing community activities. I am not an easy guy. I have never been one. I have grown

  • All testing done should be...
    All testing done should be... Risk based : Caring to not  lose users, money, name, market share, brand value, customers, people Business driven : Focused on goals that business wants to achieve With care for users : really caring for them and not masturbating about caring for them To improve sales :  focusing on conversion, funnel, lesser cost per customer acquisition To increase

  • Fake Agile - Test Consultant
    I call myself a Fake Agile - Test Consultant. All consulting I have done in the space of Agile never exposed to me what some people over the internet seem to be talking about. When I first read the Agile Manifesto I was excited. It sounded a lot like Context Driven Testing to me. I was hoping that tons of problems I faced in my career with poor software engineering practices would go away and

  • Pregnancy Analogies - Part 2
    We look at test case pass and fail to make shipping decisions There are pregnancy tests whose results turn out to be false positives and false negatives. In the pregnancy context, it would be very disappointing if the result is false positive or false negative, especially if the expected was an opposite. In India, I have seen and heard women who cry out of pain when the result turns negative

  • A test passes or fails through what?
    pass1 pɑːs/ verb 1. move or cause to move in a specified direction. "he passed through towns and villages" synonyms:go, proceed, move, progress, make one's way, travel, drive, fly; More 2. go past or across; leave behind or on one side in proceeding. "on the way to the station she passed a cinema"

  • Pregnancy Analogies - Part 1
    Everybody is pregnant with ideas all the time. Women are gifted with a capability to be pregnant beyond ideas. In 2010, I had the divine opportunity to learn about pregnancy through my wife who was carrying our first child. I couldn't stop my mind from co-relating pregnancy to testing software. I have been trying to crystallize my ideas for a long time (our child is more than two and half

  • 2013 - the year of change
    Happy New Year! For a very long time, I couldn't blog here (or anywhere). This has been the longest gap I have had in my blogging life. I thought I would not get back to this blog but thanks to Jokin Aspiazu, Mauri Edo, Issi Hassan and my fellow Hindustanis, Rahul Gupta and Sharath Byregowda to re-inspire me to blog. 2013 was THE YEAR OF MY LIFE so far. It made me change a lot of things.

  • Emailing skills and its power to influence for software testers (no, just me)
    No matter how much you probe people who are successful they won't tell you some secrets - not because they don't want to tell you but because they don't all the time recognize the smallest most ignored thing they did great were the secrets. To me, when people talk about testing skills, they often leave out writing skill. They don't recognize it. Even if they do - there are several forms and

  • The ISTQB scam and why you should sign Keith Klain's petition
    If you know what I am talking about - go here right away and sign the petition. If you do not, read this: If you are my blog reader, you would know why ISTQB is a shame, a scam and faking its agenda. Despite the awesome challenge put up, its promoters are not revealing publicly how the profit is used (considering they claim it is not for profit)  When Keith Klain, Michael Bolton and others on

  • A culture bug that impacts software testers in India
    We all know the way we have been brought up has had a huge influence on how we see things. Some of us have benefited and others have not. Most of us have a mixed bag. A culture bug in India Each of our countries has a culture that has rubbed off on how we are brought up. Indian culture teaches respect. If someone is elder, no matter how stupid they are, kids are taught to respect them

  • Testing for a product demo - experience report
    ~10 years ago In 2003, I worked for Impulsesoft, a start-up company that claimed to be first in demonstrating CD Quality (which is 44.1 KHz sampling, at that time) stereo music over Bluetooth. I was extremely proud to have been a tester for the world's first Bluetooth Headphones. At that time, you may have called it a bleeding edge technology. On a yet another beautiful Sunday morning I got a

  • tested a new conference in India for software testers #tested
    Isn't it so awesome that we announce a conference 3 weeks before it is going to happen? We made live just couple of hours ago and announced the new conference for software testers in India. We made all background work much before we did the announcement. The venue, speakers, event organizing, badge-tags for 600 people and much more secret stuff. However, what we

  • James Bach Live in India : Hosted by Moolya : December 2012
    As James Bach's student and colleague, it is such a proud moment to build a company that within its 2nd year anniversary is able to hire him to help us and fellow Indians be more inspired and challenged. A lot has changed since James came in 2003 to India. James is definitely more excited to come to India now. He sees there is a lot of potential here, a lot more than what he probably thought

  • In memory of Ola Hylten
    In Oredev 2008, a stylish young man talked to me about testing and he turned out to be Ola Hylten. We struck a connection right from our first conversation and we started feeling friends. The conversation went online once the conference was over. We built mutual respect for each other. So much that we were thrilled to meet again last year November. Ola invited me home and he drove me to his

  • Story from a company that built "the best software testing tool"
    I am sure you have heard of stories of UFO and Alien sighting from many parts of the world. Ask the sales team of this famous company that built "the best software testing tool" and they would tell you that alien visits are because of their tool. The aliens, according to the sales team, needs a one stop solution to all their automation testing needs and that is why they visit us. If you

  • Exploring Exploratory Testing : Bangalore : August 15 : Free*
    Update : In less than 48 hours of this post, there are about 40+ registrations and I am not taking anymore registrations. To those who are in the first 40, they would receive an email from Yagnesh who is helping me help you. You will receive an email from Yagnesh by 12:00 PM IST on 10th August, 2012 with details. Apologies for not being able to accommodate more this time. If you don't mind being