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  • More handy embedded software tips
    This is the latest in my occasional series of posts where I outline a bunch of tips that I hope will be useful to embedded software developers. Today I am looking at optimizing C code, accessing hardware ports in C/C++, writing readable code, learning a language and debugging … Always make a C function static, […]

  • Weekending
    How do you spend your weekends? That is a silly question, as there would be as many different answers as there are readers of this post. But a common kind of response might be: “Relaxing after a hard week at work”. That is not, however, my style. I am incredibly fortunate in having a very […]

  • Videos of presentations on self-testing and RTOS performance
    I was invited to participate in the TestingStage ’18 conference in Kiev, Ukraine, which took place in mid-April. It was not an event that I had attended before. Indeed, it was not even a country that I had visited. So, I was very interested to make the trip. A spin-off benefit was the videos that […]

  • Cooking with cups
    I enjoy cooking. So the plan to invite some friends for dinner, as they are moving house and are, hence, in total disarray, was fine with me. They are vegetarians. Although I am a meat eater, I do not demand meat with every meal, so I am happy to accommodate other people’s preferences. I looked […]

  • Video about programming device registers
    My latest video blog is now available. This time I am looking at the programming of device registers in C. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for topics are always welcome via comment, email or social networking.

  • Embedded software article: RTOS Revealed #20
    My latest article on has been published. This piece is the twentieth installment of the RTOS Revealed series, which will continue to appear through the rest of 2018. The series will cover every aspect of real time operating systems. Semaphores: utility services and data structures In this article, I continue my look at semaphores […]

  • How many letters are there in the alphabet?
    An American politician once said “There are things we know and things we do not know and there are things we know we do not know and things that we do not know that we do not know.” That, at least, encapsulates the essence of what he was trying to say. I wonder if anyone […]

  • 4 handy embedded software tips
    From time to time, I like to muse on some useful programming tips for embedded developers. This is such a time. I am not presenting hard and fast rules; I am just suggesting some possible good practices. I am also keen to promote discussion, as an alternate point of view is always interesting. Do contact […]

  • The Clayton Arms
    It was in 1979 – nearly 40 years ago – that I graduated from university and started my first “real” job. I can still recall the excitement of taking this first proper step into adulthood. It is odd how such recollections can simultaneously feel like they are in the distant past, but also just like […]

  • Task scheduling with a real time operating system
    From time to time, I like to poke around at some RTOS feature or functionality. Today I want to ponder the real core of any operating system: the scheduler. Every embedded system is different and it is, therefore, unsurprising that there are a number of different types of scheduler that might be employed. Different RTOS […]