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  • Embedded World, Nuremberg is next week!
    Next week, Tuesday-Thursday, is what I believe to be the biggest event dedicated to embedded system development on the planet: Embedded World. It is a massive show. The exhibition includes just about anything remotely connected with embedded design. It is so large that there is a shuttle bus to take you from one side of […]

  • Avoiding the cows
    I am carrying out an experiment. On myself. It started about 10 days ago and will run for 2 weeks. It is nothing too invasive or difficult: I have simply adjusted my diet to avoid dairy products. I decided to do this as I have a few medical symptoms that, after some investigation, do not […]

  • My code is bug-free!
    There is an old joke saying: “To err is human, but for a real ****-up, get a computer.” This chimes with many people’s experience of computers [and embedded systems!], because things do go wrong. Often. The irony is that almost all problems with computer systems, that are encountered on an everyday basis, are rooted in […]

  • How many screens do you need?
    I like a simple life. At least, that is what I tell myself. However, working with modern technology, even though it is supposed to “simplify” our lives, commonly introduces just more complexity. I have spent a large part of my life looking at a computer screen. Even though the immediate technology has come a long […]

  • Another 5 embedded software programming tips
    Today is another in my occasional series of posts that document a few useful tips for embedded software developers. I received some good feedback from the last posting in the series, so I hope that these tips are equally useful … Only use [ ] operator(s) with an array; not with a pointer. In C/C++ […]

  • The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything
    Like most people [I assume!], from time to time, my mind turns to cosmic matters – as I have commonly written about here. I start to wonder about what it all means; what is life about? Why are we here? Where did the Universe come from? I should say that, although I am not brave […]

  • Video about a very simple RTOS
    My latest video blog is now available. This time I am looking at how to make the simplest possible multitasking scheduler. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for topics are always welcome via comment, email or social […]

  • Win some, lose some
    Anyone who knows me, or has interacted with me on social media, will probably be aware that photography is my “thing”. I have been doing photography, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and commitment, all my life. I have written about it here quite frequently. Although I do take family and holiday snaps, most of the […]

  • 5 embedded software programming tips
    Most software developers will have received some kind of training or education in programming techniques. Others may be self-taught. But either way, many will agree that much of the real learning comes later. When programming, it is possible to stumble across useful techniques or get advice from colleagues during a code review. Even very experienced […]

  • Levels of conversation
    I have always been interested in many aspects of psychology and any form of self-analysis gets my attention. The various methodologies whereby one’s “personality type” can be assessed are always fascinating. A particular area of interest for me is communication; that never seems to be what it appears. Having familiarized my self with Venus and […]