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The Colin Walls Blog
Embedded software and stuff that interests me ...

  • 3 more embedded software tips
    In my occasional series of tips for embedded software development, I have three more. This time they are all associated with C/C++ programming … A lot of embedded programming is about paying attention to details, particularly when using the power of the C language, when there is no safety catch. 🙂 Take care to ensure […]

  • I do not ski
    For many years, I used to attend an annual conference in Grenoble, France. For a number of reasons, I am unlikely to go there again. It used to be in early December. For me, this was annoying, as the weather can disrupt travel and I often found myself walking some distance in the cold and […]

  • Programming language extensions
    Embedded systems code is mostly written in C and C++. Other languages are gaining popularity, but these two are still dominant. These languages have two interesting characteristics: they are very firmly standardized; neither was designed for embedded. The first point is OK – standardization cannot be a bad thing. The second point is odd; why […]

  • Avoiding jet lag
    If you fly East or West you will most likely experience jet lag. For most people, it is only significant if you cross more than about 3 time zones. As I have often traveled to locations that are 8 hours behind the time at my home, this is a matter that has frequently been a […]

  • ECS Stockholm
    There are countless technical conferences around the world and, considering that it is something of a niche field, embedded software has its fair share of events. In my experience – 30+ years – of attending and presenting at conferences, I have seen numerous events come and go. At any one time, there will be 2-3 […]

  • Reunited with a lost wallet – a story of genius
    We live in a world that seems to be ever more complex. Much I love so much of the technology around me, I am often bewildered by how complicated it is [perhaps underneath the hood, resulting in a good user experience] and I have great respect for the smart people who create this magic. However, […]

  • Video about testing embedded system memory
    My latest video blog is now available. This time I am looking at testing memory in an embedded system. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for topics are always welcome via comment, email or social networking.

  • Success can be elusive
    This week I attended the assessment of my work with which I was endeavoring to get an ARPS [Associate of the Royal Photographic Society] award. It was my third attempt – I was hoping for third time lucky. I started this process 5 years ago and wrote about my first attempt here. This time I […]

  • Mixed criticality white paper
    My working life includes a lot of writing – blogs, articles, conference papers and white papers are typical of what I produce. A common factor of my writing is that it is aimed to be technical and instructive. What I do not like writing is sales pitches. I can accept that a few product details […]

  • The “Getting home faster” effect
    We are told that we live in a 4-dimensional universe – three spacial dimensions and time as the fourth. It seems that people with mathematical brains far superior to mine can do calculations in four dimensions that make sense, so this model must be accurate. But it always seems strange to me how time is […]