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  • Embedded multicore webinar
    We are currently offering a program of free webinars covering a selection of embedded software topics: the Embedded Software Masterclass. These have been running for nearly a year, at approximately monthly intervals and have proven quite popular. After the presentation segment, there is ample time for a question and answer session. The next webinar is […]

  • Knowing right from wrong
    I try to be a good person. I hope that I can leave the planet a tiny bit better than I found it; at worst, I hope I do not leave a negative impact. But I get confused about rights and wrongs. Just when I think I know where I stand, I encounter someone else […]

  • Embedded software article: RTOS Revealed #22
    My latest article on has been published. This piece is the twenty-second installment of the RTOS Revealed series, which will continue to appear through the rest of 2018. The series will cover every aspect of real time operating systems. Mailboxes: utility services and data structures In this article, I continue my look at mailboxes […]

  • The hub of our house
    It is nearly 8 years since I moved to my house. I was moving from Cirencester to Malvern, where Libby lived. We had become tired of the one-hour drive between our homes, so I made the move to see how things might work out. We married about 2 years later, so you can draw your […]

  • Industrial Internet of Things architecture
    The flavor of the month [or, rather, of the last few years] in technical circles, and even the general press, has been the IoT – the Internet of Things. The implications of this technology [or, to be more precise, this coming together of multiple technologies] is having and will continue to have a profound effect […]

  • On the wagon
    I confess that I have always had difficulty with understanding people. My instinct is to expect logic and rational behavior. When I was younger, I was troubled by the fact that many [perhaps most!] people did not think like me. Nowadays, I recognize that the diversity in way people think and act is a strength […]

  • Some more embedded software tips
    Some more tips for embedded software developers. Today I am looking at real time programming, using the C language and some advice on transitioning into the world of embedded software … To maintain real time integrity, keep ISRs as short as possible A real time system is one that responds to external events and may […]

  • Catching the mood
    As I contemplate my upcoming brief vacation [I am away next week], I have been pondering the mood – the aggregate emotions – of people around me and considering what factors have an influence. As I write, there is much coverage of the rescue of the boys from flooded caves in Thailand. The outcome was […]

  • C: the language of embedded – a webinar
    Next Friday – 13 July – I am participating in a joint seminar with Doulos, looking in detail at the use of C in embedded applications. We will be considering why it is so popular and appropriate, and taking a detailed look at some best practices for using C effectively. There will be ample time […]

  • Throwing away my DSLR camera
    I see endless adverts for accessories to help me take better picture with my phone. There are numerous articles describing iPhone photography techniques that make amazing claims. The bottom line often seems to be that you no longer need a “real” camera – a DSLR – an iPhone will do everything. The truth of these […]